Round the World Trip

My blog tells stories about all my travel adventures. A really big travel adventure I experienced was my solo around the world trip. In this part of my blog, you can read the whole story, beginning till end. Starting from how I was planning my round the world adventure I will take you through all the destinations that I included in my round the world ticket. Dive in and enjoy!

I had been thinking about doing a big trip like a round the world trip for quite some time, e.g. I had been wanting to do some kind of shark research volunteering program for ages. Within a year those thoughts manifested itself more and more in action. A friend from Australia and I were joking that I should just come by to pay her a visit and check out the new house she just bought for her and her daughter. Another friend and I were joking about him inviting me to China to accompany him to his cousin’s wedding and I just said ‘be careful what you say ‘cause I am one of those people that will make their word count and come for real with no hesitation’.

That was it. This situation was truly calling for building a round the world trip around those two destinations. And This is where the big planning phase began.

Check out my Around the World Trip Planner

Dive in and check out the different destinations of my Round The World Trip

Whale Shark Research in the Maldives
Halloween and flat share adventures in Hong Kong
Exchange student in Singapore
South and North Vietnam adventures
Chinese weddings in Shanghai
English teaching in rural Thailand
Christmas with friends in Hervey Bay
New Year’s Eve out on Great Barrier Reef
Spontaneous Whitsundays adventure
Local Aussie experience in Brisbane
Get together with international friends in Sydney
Beautiful life on O’ahu
Couchsurfing on Maui
Volcano and diving adventures on Big Island
Incredible Na Pali Coast on Kaua’i
Calm moments and friendship in Miami

Map displaying my round the world trip route with all my destinations and stops