#08 You Don’t Need To Live This Stereotype Life

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#08 You Don't Need To Live This Stereotype Life

‘In the Himalayas, this is where I felt the most connected to myself.’ I talked to my friend Sarah who moved to India 7 years ago and gets to call the little village Manali at the Indian Himalayas her home now. Coming from a little village in Germany this woman took her voluntary year in India after school as a stepping stone to follow her heart.

Back then she offered her support to local NGOs building up education opportunities for people in India. Returning to Germany after her year abroad some vital things had changed. India was still in her heart which led to her going back, first solely for travels. From there she went with the follow and suddenly found herself working at a local travel agency before actually founding her own travel agency in 2014. With her agency ‘Chalo Reisen’ she offers all kinds of trips in India tailored to the specific needs of her customers.

The main topics we talk about in this episode:

  • In our society, we unlearn to listen to our own needs and we have to be careful not not follow paths that don’t result from our own dreams but from the pressure of society
  • We should follow the flow sometimes it might lead us to the most amazing destinations and make us accomplish things we didn’t even dared to dream
  • Finding your base in life, let it be a place, a person, an activity, can truly assist you in feeling fulfilled, happy, grounded, and balanced
  • We are all incredible in our own ways and will have to follow our dreams in our own pace
  • Finding connection through self-awareness and the magic of yoga and meditation
  • Staying physically and mentally fit and healthy through a balanced diet and plant-based approaches

Finally, as Sarah said ‘if you have found a friend in India you are like family’. Showing us the beauty that can arise from a voluntary year, we see how unpredictable life can get. Sarah beat all the odds and chose to not listen to doubtful people around her. And this allowed her to build up her dream and life a life of appreciation and self-realization truly living her passion. And ‘everyone has a choice’ to do the same! You’re an inspiration for everyone, Sarah and I am beyond happy you get to live the life you have built for yourself!

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playing together as kids before Sarah decided to live in India later in her life
Sarah and I as kids