#04 Break Away From That Fear

Through Lisa's Eyes: One World, Numerous Lives
#04 Break Away From That Fear

If I hadn’t taken that leap how sad it would be’. I talked to my Aussie friend Jade about how it is fear that stops a lot of people from following amazing ideas. And how we should all strive to keep an open mind.

I met Jade At Great Barrier Reef when we were both doing our Open Water Dive Certificate over New Years back in 2015. It was an amazing trip where we stayed out on Great Barrier for 3 nights on a dive boat to dive and ring into the new year. Little did we know back then that we would see each other again in Brisbane shortly after that. And little did we know that we would become friends and actually meet again in Europe.

Back then Jade worked actively in town planning and had a very prestigious secure job. Since she was 10 though she had the dream to move to Europe at some point in her life. And Girl, how proud I am of you that you did! Not long after we met at Great Barrier Jade moved from Australia to Spain. Since then she has built a life for herself far away from home.

She now encourages others to not fear that scary and somehow big black void of not knowing what’s going to happen in life. But to see the beauty of giving yourself the opportunity for your life to develop in various different directions. Cause in the end you can basically do whatever your imagination allows you to.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • How dreams might simply not happen if we continue down the comfortable path
  • How Jade ended up being a teacher although she said the last thing that would ever happen would be to become a teacher
  • How teaching and working with kids grows you in the deep end
  • How we can use opportunities we are given to educate people around us and share passion and knowledge
  • How staying committed will bring us closer to our goals although results may not show immediately
  • How that feeling of being alive comes with certain challenges we have to go through to grow bigger and activate our true potential

Jadey, I cannot stress enough how amazed and proud I am of your achievements. You are a strong, vibrant woman! And I can call myself very lucky to have you as a friend in my life. I hope Jade’s inspirational power can help some of you to work towards your dreams. And not fear change or the unknown. Because to say it in her words: ‘What is going to happen? If it doesn’t work out you can go back to that comfort zone it didn’t go anywhere!’.

My friend and I snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada around Granada. Never fear the future because you don#t know what is going to happen.
Snowboarding in Granada