#11 Rise From Pain and Let it Shape Your Life

Through Lisa's Eyes: One World, Numerous Lives
#11 Rise From Pain and Let it Shape Your Life

“Life had crushed me and I thought to myself…Okay this is not how I thought I could make a change in other people’s lives, or how I imagined my life to be.” My friend Florentina came as a refugee from Kosovo to Germany where she built her empire of business achievements. She is the true embodiment of a Female Power Woman. At 26 years young she already founded numerous own businesses and is surrounded by an ever present “Can Do” Mentality.

Her roots equipped her with a value system of a caring nature and a strong family bond. She carried these values into her Business “My Local Wedding App” where she makes sure that couples that are looking to get married have all the information and support they need to create a memorable day. Especially Brides should simply experience the joy on their big day instead of having to worry about the project management aspects of planning a wedding.

Her authenticity and raw openness make Florentina a key influence person you want to surround yourself with to catch some of the sparks of the ever present inspirational fireworks of ideas. Once you open your mind to something you condition your brain to think beyond and take you to places you only could have dreamed of. So, make sure you have a Florentina in your life that tickles that lust for achievement within you.

Interesting aspects we talk about in the episode:

  • Collect your ideas whenever they pop up, very soon they will make sense and it will all come together in a seamless way
  • Declutter your mind by automating tasks and freeing up space in your mind for the relevant things you desperately need your creative and smart capacity of your mind for
  • How a simple trip to Italy can potentially become your very own soul-searching journey
  • How being true to yourself and leaving a job or study program you don’t feel happy with could be exactly the leap of faith you’ve been waiting for and the start of something BIG
  • The processes of registering a Company in Germany and the complexity of German Bureaucracy
  • Falling in love with the struggle and progress will fulfill your life in the most magnificent way
  • What’s your calling? And if you haven’t found it yet, always, always keep searching for the things that fill your soul and your heart with joy
  • The variety and different roles of developmental paths of you, your siblings and your parents and your very own family dynamics
  • The new family roles in the year 2020 and a different understanding of the construct of family among Generation Y
  • Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk and soaking up his wisdom of Living and Breathing your own company and fulfilling your life’s purpose
  • And finally, how tremendous challenges will allow you to rise from pain shape you on your way through life. How to approach it and how to grow from it!

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