#02 Is reaching happiness real success?

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#02 Is reaching happiness real success?

Is reaching happiness in what you’re doing real success? I talked to my friend Prabu from Malaysia about how we should aspire in life to find our passion and follow what our heart tells us.

I met Prabu on this tiny local island, Tioman Island, off of the coast of Malaysia. He was taking a sabbatical of 2 years. And I was staying in this little hut right at the water during a scuba diving trip. Little did I know that by random coincidence I would gain such an invaluable friend that manages to inspire not only me but everyone around him. Having worked as an engineer for over 12 years Prabu made some significant life altering decisions during his sabbatical. Listen to the episode to find out what exactly those decisions were and where they led him.

This episode touches a number of strong beliefs:

  • Are we striving in life for what we truly want? Or are we maybe sometimes following social norms and beliefs rather than looking at our passion and our own true destiny?
  • Would we still be happy with our ‘career’ if we didn’t make any money out of it? Isn’t reaching happiness what we should truly strive for?
  • In order to avoid cultural clashes isn’t it our responsibility to integrate culturally? And why do a lot of us fail to do so?
  • Can the hardest decisions in our lives sometimes actually be the best decisions we make?

There are so many ways how our lives can turn out. And we should pay very close attention to listen to that inner voice that whispers words of wisdom to us. From there it’s all up to us. Do we choose to listen to it and take a leap of faith? Or do we choose to go the other direction?

To say it in Prabu’s words. When you wake up every morning, ask yourself this one question. And keep asking yourself this questions until you truly have the answer. What makes YOU happy? And then work towards reaching happiness within you!

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Together with my friend Prabu celebrating our friendship and exchanging thoughts on reaching happiness and motivation in life