#07 Always Expand Your Comfort Zone

Through Lisa's Eyes: One World, Numerous Lives
#07 Always Expand Your Comfort Zone

Have goals in life but why would you put a timeline to it?’ I talked to my friend Hailey from Canada who left home 5 years ago to go live in Asia. She would tell you that you should always strive to expand your comfort zone in life. Ultimately, her goal is to have lived on every continent throughout her life. We met during my time on Tioman Island in Malaysia while doing our Advanced Open Water Diver Certificate.

Starting off as an Au-pair in France her drive to leave home and go live elsewhere in the world was sparked. If you talked to her today she would tell you that the most important mission in life is to expand your comfort zone. And, to listen to that inner calling and to explore your numerous sides. We don’t even know what we’re capable of if we never truly start exploring it.

These past years, Hailey has been living in Asia now, first in Thailand and the past 2 years in China. She is working as an English teacher giving sharing her knowledge her grateful students most of which have become very close friends. She shares that passion with her boyfriend who she met in the process of facing her fears and moving abroad. Their relationship is an amazing mix of building up a strong and creative bond. Yet giving each other the freedom to be your own person.

In this episode we focus on:

  • Why walking away from a challenge might seem easier than actually facing the fears and risk that come along with it
  • Breaking away from society standards and how we can learn to build up our standards
  • Learning to constantly expand your comfort zone and strive for consistent self development
  • How a partnership can grow stronger by giving yourself space to develop your personality apart from each other every once in a while
  • Realizing how we can train our own mind. And keep it busy by acquiring new skills and exposing it to new stimuli throughout our lives

Hailey, I hope your inner drive will take you to numerous amazing places. It’s amazing to see you being so open-minded to the world. And, discovering endless new facets and skills within you. The world literally is your playground and I hope it will bring you joy in everything you do. I know for sure that the world can be honored to have you call so many places around the globe your home. I believe what you give out you receive back. And you deserve the world, Girl. So go out and get it!

Hailey’s IG profile: @Hailyabroad
Hailey’s Drawings: @hm.sketchbook

strive to expand your comfort zone throughout your life and train your mind to be creative and adventurous
Tioman Island, Malaysia (2017)