#03 Live The Life You Want To Live

Through Lisa's Eyes: One World, Numerous Lives
#03 Live The Life You Want To Live

Shouldn’t we all aspire to live a life we love? I talked to my friend Malin from Sweden about how putting your trust in the process of creating the life you want can be one of the most exciting and satisfying feelings.

I got to know Malin in New Zealand when we were both Au-Pairs at the end of the world at the age of 20. Little did we know back then that that time would set the mile stone for a long and deep friendship. Also, little did we know that we would take on so many more adventures. Looking at Malin, she came from being an Au-Pair to following her dream of working in the tourism industry. After overcoming a number of personal challenges she then choose new paths that lead her to Latin America which she now somehow calls ‘home’. Not only is she a kind and loving friend but she is also such a brave soul and a true power woman. I admire all she does whole-heartedly.

In this episode, we will cover topics such as:

  • Why looking after ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean being selfish
  • How challenges help us reach new levels and unknown potentials in life
  • How you can persevere an inner drive without even knowing what the final result will look like
  • How little titles and business goals mean if your true goals lay within
  • What traveling the world as a freelancing traveler feels like
  • How solo traveling can enhance your life quality
  • How NOT having everything planned out can be a true satisfying feeling

Let us swipe you off your feet with our love for traveling and our energy we share when talking about it. As long as you have friends in your life that understand your inner drive and those little nagging feelings then you’ve got all you need. And I truly do know, that Malin is one of these friends to me. Keep on surfing that wave, Babe! I am utterly proud of you!

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