#05 A Smile Can Change Somebody’s Life

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#05 A Smile Can Change Somebody's Life

Are you a victim mindset or a growth mindset? I talked to my friend Jeremy from San Diego about how we are in complete responsibility of what happens to us in life. Having been faced with a number of tough challenges throughout his life he realized that one of the most vital things is to have courage and self-belief. You have the power and the responsibility to choose who you want to be.

Jeremy and I met 5 years ago through a random AirBnB encounter. I was traveling the States at that time and stopped by in San Diego for 48 hrs. Luckily, I got to have the coolest host who helped me make the most of the time. Not only was his house very pretty but he also had amazing insider tipps which really made those 48 hrs. memorable. Well, from those 48 hrs. a valuable, possibly lifetime, friendship developed.

In this episode we talk about the following topics:

  • How communication truly lies in being able to share your vulnerable sides with others
  • How we often tend to be so afraid of change that we end up lying to ourselves while denying the truth
  • How our friends and our inner circle are a direct mirror of us
  • How we are always in charge of how a situation or a person makes us feel
  • How basically everyone of us can have an impact on someone
  • How we should focus on flushing toxic thoughts out of our system

Jeremy has a lot of life experience and had to go through really hard times. As he says himself he’s seen the deepest darkest parts of his soul. And that allows him to constantly reflect on himself. In a world where we tend to go down that dark place every once in a while he shares very helpful tools to deal with these situations:

  • Self-criticism: Start writing your thoughts down in a journal, especially those thoughts that you are afraid to share with your friends. Find a way to flush your system. If the thoughts are really bad write them on a piece of paper and light them on fire over the sink. See them burn and let them go.
  • Forgiveness: Forgive yourself! It is never too late for it yet it is so vital. Literally stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye. Ask yourself whether the person you’re looking at is truly the man/woman that you are and want to be? And if that answer is NO, choose to change in that moment. No one will give you that power but you!
  • Personal Development: Think about the favorite things about yourself. Once you’ve determined them focus on becoming more of that. Whatever you choose you get to be!
  • Relationship: Write down in detail what your ideal partner would be like, from valuable character traits to the physical appearance. Focus on what kind of man/woman you have to become to get that partner in your life.

Life is frightening and often scary. But you can choose between a life that consumes you or a life that empowers you. I have overcome so many struggles myself by trusting in those motivational words from my friend. Above all, addressing that responsibility within us brings us further. Fear is the only things that gets smaller if you run towards it so find that courage within you and make the first step towards a life that fulfills you!

Top 5 Books:

  • The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman
  • Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod
  • The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
  • Mindset – Carol S. Dweck
  • The 4 Agreements – Miguel Ruiz

Jeremy’s Website/Podcast: https://www.refinedalpha.com

catching up in Hamburg and exchanging thoughts on how we are all in complete responsibility of how our live develops
Hamburg, 2017