#01 My Mind Rebels at Stagnation

Through Lisa's Eyes: One World, Numerous Lives
#01 My Mind Rebels at Stagnation

When was the last time you did sth. for the first time? I talked to Anna, one of my oldest dearest friends, about how your mind is your most precious tool. She is a German woman who has been living in Scotland for 10 years now.

As a truthful soul she has volunteered in Israel where she worked with autistic adults. As an ambitious smart woman she is doing her Phd research in cardiovascular science. And as a loyal friend she keeps adventuring and exploring this planet and feeds her mind with as many treasurable moments as she can. This woman is one of the smartes people I know and she will one day bring big change to this world.

I happily invite you to enjoy some of her energy in our podcast episode. Some of the topics we talk about are:

  • How to grow in confidence
  • Finding comfort in the uncomfortable
  • The constant progress of your mind
  • How hard times contribute to your own happiness
  • Methods to widen your horizon

For the outdoor fans among us you should definitely check out Anna’s Instagram Channel. On her channel, she shares local tipps for hiking in Scotland and spreads a very adventurous vibe. Her channel has recently gotten more and more international attention and we have yet to see where her path takes her.

For more of me, check out my travel stories on my blog through-lisas-eyes.com. You can also read about our hiking adventure in Scotland in my article about Glasgow. If you want to get visually inspired head over to my Instagram channel.

taking the ferry over to the isle of arran for some famous Scotland hiking for a healthy mind