#09 Don’t Regret Never Having Tried

Through Lisa's Eyes: One World, Numerous Lives
#09 Don't Regret Never Having Tried

It has become a rule for me whenever I am like ‘Well this idea is too crazy you can’t do that’ THAT’S what I am doing. Basically, there aren’t any limits.‘ While normally this paragraph would start with a quote from a friend of mine this month’s episode is a bit different. These past months my life has slowly transitioned into this new life concept design that has been a dream of mine for years!

But let’s start at the beginning.

4 years ago I returned from my big Around the World Trip. And, when I returned I was still the same person yet I could tell that some tremendous change had happened. I could feel that urge inside of me that I wanted to create something in life for myself but lacked the capability to imagine what that was at this point. So, I sat back and let situations unfold themselves and I told myself to not deny myself the options that I could have and at the same time not overwhelm myself.

Fast forward 4 years, after almost daily battles of how to interpret that feeling and develop from it I made a decision: To give up my dream job I was currently working in for that even bigger dream of mine‚Ķthat was and still is so risky, so unspecific, so undefined! It was one of the hardest processes I have ever exposed myself to ’cause although I loved my job I knew I wanted more!

Some of the lessons I learned along the way that have been crucial for me:

  • Put the effort in every day and don’t be lazy about that…really be present and force yourself to keep going no matter what. Be trusting and keep pushing and never, never stop believing!
  • It takes moments and experience to get strength. It takes feeling vulnerable and pain so that you can actually translate that pain into strength.
  • Us humans we’re really good at denying and pushing aside! So lean back, truly listen to yourself and be deadly honest with yourself!
  • Find your niche of what gets you in the mood of feeling completely alive!
  • There will be times when your mind turns against you. In those times, never underestimate the power of amazing friends and make sure to reach out to them!
  • Progress is everything. By now, I feel I cannot really stop learning and growing because there is so much to learn and to develop!
  • Link passion and satisfaction to trying and link sadness and dissatisfaction to never having tried! Suddenly those scary steps don’t seem so scary anymore!

It fills me with so much joy to make dreams and life concepts for people come true. But, while we would love to get THE answer from others the real answer always lies within us. So, maybe you can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How have I developed these past years?
  • Which dreams have I put into action?
  • What is it that satisfies me?
  • What is it that I want in life that is not dependent on someone else?
  • And finally, what is it that really, truly fills my heart?

I don’t believe in finding THE solution. I am a firm believer in continuous progress. Start exploring, start creating and start unfolding and finding yourself more and more in that process. For me, this has brought me to the point where that simple sentence of ‘Just imagine if that ever happened’ continuously ends up becoming reality. It’s so insane and it’s so beautiful at the same time! Life’s too short so never stop chasing your dreams!